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NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire enhances people's lives and the community environment by providing access to quality housing services, revitalizing neighborhoods and supporting opportunities for personal empowerment.

Our Story                            About NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire

NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire has helped thousands of people break the cycle of poverty and improve their financial stability through either home ownership or providing quality affordable rental housing. New Hampshire families have broken the cycle of poverty and improved their quality of life through home ownership or the quality workforce housing provided by NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire.

We lead the reinvestment and reinvigoration efforts in neighborhoods throughout Manchester, and we have expanded our community development focus to towns in the Southern New Hampshire region, including the City of Nashua. We work with individuals and families, educating them on the home ownership process, building financial assets, achieving greater economic security, overcoming poverty, and becoming involved to preserve the quality of their neighborhood. In addition, NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire's multi-family apartments provide quality housing at a stable price.

NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire improves the lives of those in need and betters the greater community. Today, the blatant problems and issues of Manchester's inner city neighborhoods have been reversed—quality affordable housing has replaced dilapidated buildings, home ownership has increased and more residents are engaged in their community. There is confidence in the potential of all Manchester neighborhoods and NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire continues to work throughout the city and the Southern New Hampshire region to increase home ownership, provide quality affordable housing, and improve neighborhoods. We recently expanded our focus to include the Greater Nashua region and we are excited to focus our attention in this region of the state as well.

Our major areas of operation are:

  • The NeighborWorks Home Ownership Center: Help underserved families understand critical components of home ownership, including its financial responsibilities and maintenance and repair, how home ownership can provide meaningful opportunity to change economic viability, and provide guidance and assistance in the loan process;
  • Affordable housing development: Develop affordable housing for sale or rent for low and moderate income families and individuals;
  • Resident services: Involve our tenants and other community residents in the civic life of the community, and provide a variety of enrichment services.

Although we operate independently, NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire is affiliated with NeighborWorks America, a national network of community development organizations working to address the need for affordable housing and improved communities.

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