Neighborhood Mini-Grants Offered to Resident Leaders


Neighborhood Mini-Grants Offered to Resident Leaders

This article originally appeared in the June 2016 Neighborhood Minute. For the full newsletter, please click here.

NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire has partnered with Granite United Way, the Manchester Health Department, and two elementary schools in some of the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Manchester to offer committed residents the chance to impact their community. Through Resident Leadership Training and Neighborhood Mini-Grant opportunities, residents will have the chance to enact positive change in the community.

Residents have been invited to attend Resident Leadership Training classes at Beech Street and Gossler Park Schools in Manchester. These trainings teach concrete leadership skills to neighborhood residents and create a platform for these residents to share their experience and desire for positive change in their community. The curriculum for these classes was crafted in partnership with NeighborWorks® America, and will help leaders accomplish their goals in a realistic and impactful way. Following attendance at this training, residents are invited to submit applications for Neighborhood Mini-Grants, which are designed to achieve specific, resident-driven goals with neighborhood specific outcomes.

Funding for the Mini-Grants has been provided by Granite United Way, through the Neighborhood Health Improvement Strategy, which was developed by the Manchester Health Department. NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire is one of four community organizations delivering services in Gossler Park and Beech Street Schools as a part of the Neighborhood Health Improvement Strategy.